NETGEAR ReadyNAS Desktop for business delivers unlimited snapshots for easy backup

Every Successful Business Has a Backup Plan.

In today's world, having an effective data backup solution in place can be the difference between the success or failure of your business. Close to 90% of all data ever created has been generated in the last two years, so there is more critical data to protect than ever.  And with the hard reality that disk drives fail, you need redundancy and recovery to keep your business data safe. It’s time to start paying even greater attention to building up your backup systems and solutions to avoid a data loss disaster.

With enterprise-class storage, backup and recovery solutions, NETGEAR can help you implement a plan that makes perfect business sense for your company. 

Learn about the unique data protection benefits and how to configure a backup and disaster recovery solution with NETGEAR Storage

Even the Smallest Companies Create Lots of Data that Needs Protection


Whether you have two or two hundred employees, you’re creating significant amounts of data on a daily basis that may be unprotected. There are emails, invoices, presentations, datasheets, balance sheets, and research reports, created on a daily basis that makes your business run and that you can’t afford to operate without.


The NETGEAR Family of ReadyNAS solutions for your business offers unparalleled protection that is easy to use:

  • Backup – Enables secure file backup from PC and Mac computers, as well as mobile phones
  • Disk Failure protection – Supports RAID 0,1,5,6,10 and X-RAID disk failure protection
  • Virus Protection -  Includes free real-time virus protection 
  • File restoration – Takes hourly snapshots that are space efficient and can be restored instantly
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You Need a Dynamic, Flexible, and More Advanced Solution as You Grow.


As your company grows, your data increases in volume, and a flexible and forward-thinking approach is critical.  You need an easily-managed advanced backup and recovery solution that you can count on every day. Without it, something as simple as kicking out a cable or clicking on a malicious link can cause serious problems for your business, potentially damage your company’s reputation, and drive customers to your competitors.


Fortunately, recent developments in storage and backup  technology can help businesses easily handle the daily tidal wave of critical data. NETGEAR has taken the most advanced capabilities of enterprise-class storage and put them in our ReadyDATA products for small and medium size businesses that are quite affordable.  These capabilities include:

  • Unified storage platform with native de-duplication, thin provisioning and unlimited snapshots
  • Ability to leverage thin provisioning in virtual environments, replicate files to off-site locations and recover data from unlimited point-in-time snapshots
  • Cloud-managed replication for high-performance disaster recovery without extra software, servers, or network configuration
  • Support for SATA, SAS and SSD disk drives, including automated storage tiering (designation of SSD as read/write optimized cache)
  • Ability to scale to 240TB of storage capacity
  • Supports unlimited snapshots and cloud-managed replication

Learn how to build a Backup-to-Disk and Disaster-Recovery solution with NETGEAR.

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