Rent a Cloud or Buy a Cloud. How About Both?

The Cloud has changed the way we do business. It can reduce cost, simplify asset management and offers greater flexibility through remote access – anytime, anywhere.  But the question comes up, should you rent a third party cloud service, or design a cloud solution under your own roof?  For a small or medium size business, there are drawbacks to only using a cloud third party service. Monthly fees can overtake the purchase price, latency can prevent access to data at crucial times, and data stored on someone else’s hardware can be compromised.

Today there are cloud solutions that work with on-premise hardware, giving you the flexibility of cloud-based anywhere access, and the security and control of managing the hardware yourself. Renting infrastructure from a public cloud service provider can seem attractive to a business with a small budget and an even smaller IT staff. However, a best practice is to balance the risks by protecting critical data from hacking and data loss through in-house solutions that provide cloud access functionality, and using a third party cloud service for less critical data.

Stay grounded with a faster, more secure NAS solution.


Your cloud service is slow and includes an ongoing monthly service fee. 


Services like Dropbox and offer flexibility, but this comes at the expense of speed, security and features.   

Using a feature-rich network attached storage (NAS) system such as NETGEAR ReadyNAS and ReadyDATA provides an array of native features for data management; and is faster than utilizing cloud storage services where you’re at the mercy of your Internet connection; is more affordable than services with an ongoing fee which is subject to increases over time. With hardware you pay once for the NAS and you’re done.

Learn about the advantages of keeping your data in-house

Disaster recovery for your business with ReadyNAS Desktop from NETGEAR

Cloud Discovery, Replication and Management. Now, that Makes Perfect Business Sense.


Businesses need full replication and device management from the cloud for their local NAS hardware.


NETGEAR ReadyNAS and ReadyDATA storage solutions provide business class, fully featured capabilities with the flexibility of cloud access and control. NETGEAR cloud solutions allow you to easily install and manage geographically disparate systems and configure off-site backup and data recovery. Replicating data via the cloud is perfect for a fast-growing and resource-stretched businesses looking for an efficient, secure backup and recovery solution.

See how ReadyNAS and ReadyDATA provide affordable and flexible storage solutions.