Data Keeps Your Business Moving.

Data is the lifeblood of a business, so keeping it safe needs to be a priority for businesses of all sizes. But in addition to storing and protecting business data, organizations also need to be able to access it – easily and reliably. The true value of business data lies in its constant availability, no matter what happens.

Data protection with NETGEAR storage

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Protect Against Site-wide Disasters.


In addition to a solid backup strategy, businesses must also safeguard their vital data against a site-wide disaster that could threaten the primary and the backup data. Fires, floods, and even acts of terrorism could potentially destroy or disable entire offices or data centers.


NETGEAR ReadyNAS® and ReadyDATA® deliver robust backup and storage solutions to keep your business-critical data safe, secure, and accessible at all times. And both provide replication, disaster recovery, and cloud solutions to ensure that your data remains safe, even in the event of a site-wide disaster.

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Protect, Share, and Consolidate Business-critical Data.


Remote sites and branch offices pose unique challenges when sharing data across the entire business. While onsite storage solutions can help protect the data at each site, the accessibility of that data by other locations remains difficult. To remain agile, businesses with multiple sites require all data to be accessible by, and shared between, all locations.


ReadyNAS and ReadyDATA support robust replication capabilities that enable critical data to be strategically shared or consolidated between headquarters and remote or branch offices. Mirroring information between two data centers enables critical data to be shared between both locations and consolidating data from individual sites to a central office maximizes data accessibility. ReadyDATA real-time block-based data replication between two ReadyDATA systems helps organizations easily achieve this, whether the two systems are on the same LAN or a world apart. 

The ReadyCLOUD® app allows businesses to easily sync and share files across multiple devices such as PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets. ReadyNAS Replicate allows that same data to be backed up offsite from one ReadyNAS to another – all initiated through an easy to use cloud managed interface.

Disaster recovery with ReadyDATA