IP Video Surveillance: Protecting Organizations Big And Small.

Digital IP technology has revolutionized the physical security industry.  Video IP surveillance was once affordable only to large enterprises, but several factors have changed that picture. Today, most organizations have already installed IP networks upon which surveillance video transmissions can run and prices for IP video cameras and recording devices have fallen dramatically. So, as a result, IP surveillance is a viable choice for organizations of any size. NETGEAR provides a complete solution of IP cameras, easily accessible, secure storage and robust network switching.

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IP Networking and its Impact on Video Surveillance

Flexible Camera Deployment Makes It Easy To Cover All The Angles.


Many IP cameras have limited connectivity and are difficult to deploy where you want them.


With a NETGEAR IP surveillance solution, IP cameras can be deployed anywhere —reachable by Ethernet or a wireless access point.  This allows you to expand your deployment options to include longer distances or outdoor coverage. NETGEAR surveillance solutions also make it easier to adjust surveillance coverage when needed. You can add, move, or remove cameras without taking other cameras or equipment offline—ensuring there are no gaps in your recording.

Find out how ReadyNAS® makes surveillance video storage easy

Easily Accessible, Secure Storage.


Many organizations still have bulky, costly, high-maintenance, size-limited, insecure, and hard to access analog tapes.


Video footage captured by IP cameras and stored on NETGEAR network attached storage (NAS) devices can be continuously captured for extended periods of time, viewed live or recorded, and instantly accessed locally or remotely. Built-in drive redundancy and data integrity checks also provide enhanced peace of mind. And capacity is never an issue—you can easily expand storage by adding additional hard drives on the fly.

ReadNAS® Rackmount Storage

ReadyNAS® Surveillance

Building a Network Infrastructure for Robust IP Video Surveillance.


Many network switches are not upgraded to handle surveillance.  The network is a crucial element in any surveillance installation because it enables all the other surveillance functions, transmits video streams using a mix of unicast and multicasting for viewing and storage, and often carries power to the cameras themselves via Power over Ethernet (PoE).


NETGEAR switches offer what is needed for a robust network.  More specifically, they offer:

 • Adequate bandwidth - The network and the switch(es) that control it must be able to move traffic at “line rate” (full speed) to avoid risking delays, poor camera control or even loss of data.

 • Resilience -  The network switch(es) must have access to an alternate power supply should the main source of power fail.

 • Security -  The network must be protected from hacking, including physical hacking.

NETGEAR Managed Switch

Get technical guidance and reference designs for installations with 20, 200 and 1000 IP cameras with our Networking Solutions for IP Surveillance Solution Guide and associated Application Notes.

See how our Networking Solutions for IP Surveillance solution guide and application notes provide guidance and reference designs for installations with 20, 200 and 1000 cameras.