Do More-With Less Power, Overhead, and Hassle.

Organizations of all sizes are optimizing their data centers and server rooms by consolidating servers to free up space, power, and management overhead. The first step usually involves consolidating applications onto fewer servers. But the next big move and opportunity is server virtualization. Server virtualization allows several virtual machines (VMs), each running its own operating system and applications, to coexist on a single physical server. This results in significant space, power, and time savings.

Without the cost and complexity of big IT, NETGEAR has helped thousands of SMBs make the move to virtualization, quickly and easily.

Every Great Virtualization Solution Needs Strong Networking and Storage.

Server virtualization relies heavily on networking and storage. Virtual machines grow and require larger amounts of storage than what one physical server can provide. Network attached storage (NAS) systems and  storage area networks (SANs) provide redundant, dedicated storage for virtual machines. Connectivity between servers and storage must be fast to avoid bottlenecks. NETGEAR ReadyNAS® and ReadyDATA® storage and ProSAFE® high-performance switches are the industry-leading answer.

See how ReadyDATA® makes the virtualization promise a practical, affordable reality.

The Lower Cost, Lower Complexity Alternative to Fibre Channel


For mid-sized companies, there are two big problems with going the Fibre Channel route: cost and complexity. Typically Fibre Channel SANs are the most expensive option available, due to a multitude of expensive components that must be installed in servers, switches and backend SAN storage systems.  And in terms of complexity, Fibre Channel SANs typically require specialized skill sets the average server administrator doesn’t possess.


The iSCSI protocol, featured in NETGEAR storage solutions, offers an alternative to Fibre Channel SANs that is perfect for mid-sized businesses. Basic iSCSI is supported in most operating systems today, and its capabilities allow 10G Ethernet found in NETGEAR storage solutions and NETGEAR managed switches to compare very favorably to Fibre Channel as a SAN interconnect fabric. Benefits include:

  • Reduced equipment and management costs
  • Enhanced server management.
  • Improved disaster recovery
  • Excellent performance

iSCSI support found in NETGEAR storage solutions allows you to host and backup your virtual machines. Once backed up, you have the option to easily move copies of these virtual machines off-site for easy recovery from any type of disaster.  The auto-iSCSI capabilities in NETGEAR managed switches help you automatically prioritize iSCSI network traffic. The result is a complete solution that’s ideal for mid-sized businesses, medical offices, law firms, and branch offices of larger organizations.

See how our Networking Solutions for Storage Solution Guide and associated Application Notes provide guidance and reference design for mid-sized organizations.