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Advanced QoS Makes Voice Over IP Work

Voice over IP (VoIP) has become a mainstream technology. Today, the question for businesses of any size is no longer whether to switch to VoIP, but when.  The most important factor that has moved VoIP into the mainstream is improved quality of service (QoS).  Businesses that have held back because of VoIP’s early reputation for poor voice quality no longer need to be concerned that important transactions (such as conversations with customers) will be impeded by poor quality.  Today’s solutions with improved QoS deliver a professional experience and a positive impression of your company. 

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If You're Going to Successfully Switch to VoIP, You're Going to Need the Right VoIP Hardware

Your VoIP system is only as good as its weakest link.  Poor switch quality delivers a poor experience.

Advanced QoS ultimately depends on the switches that control the VoIP traffic and, of course, the network over which that traffic travels. While the focus of attention when transitioning to VoIP is typically on the service provider, delivery model (onsite vs. hosted), and IP phones, switches have the most important impact on the user experience . With NETGEAR switches, VoIP traffic can be automatically prioritized to maintain the desired QoS, even when the network is saturated.

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Everything You Need to Run A Successful Business VoIP Phone System - For Less.

Updating a network infrastructure and building VoIP capability in your company can be costly and complicated.

For IP telephony applications, NETGEAR provides networking and security solutions without the cost and complexity of big IT-and delivers on the key factors required to ensure a successful VoIP network with reliable QoS:

  • Voice packet prioritization - NETGEAR switches are able to prioritize voice traffic when necessary to maintain QoS
  • Adequate bandwidth - NETGEAR switches are specifically designed to handle the increased load demands of a VoIP deployment
  • Resilience - Many NETGEAR switches have access to an alternate power supply should the main source of power fail
  • Security - NETGEAR network devices protect against hacking, including physical hacking

NETGEAR Managed Switch: VoIP Video

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