Data Availability and Security is Key to Superior Patient Care.

Healthcare organizations are experiencing the most extensive changes in history. The migration to electronic health records with real-time updates and anywhere, anytime accessibility has created the need to manage, store, and protect significant amounts of sensitive data. With all critical patient data in electronic format, healthcare providers need to have immediate access at all times, and it must remain protected against internal and external threats. In addition to the many benefits of this data revolution, it also creates serious risks that must be mitigated.

Blend Optimal Patient Care with Superior Security.

HIPAA outlines strict regulations for maintaining the privacy and security of patient health information and enforces serious penalties when violations occur. But patient data has grown exponentially in recent years, and the growing trend toward electronic records has dramatically challenged your ability to maintain regulatory compliance as you balance anywhere, anytime availability with strict privacy and security controls.

NETGEAR® ProSAFE® wireless systems blend reliable, high performance connectivity with the security features you require to protect patient privacy and maintain HIPAA compliance. In addition, the optional Wireless Controller makes it easy to deploy and manage up to 600 access points.

To protect stored patient data, the ReadyNAS® and ReadyDATA® families of storage systems deliver enterprise-class replication and support for cloud-based data storage, as well as robust security features to protect against unauthorized access.

High-performance Networks for High Resolution Medical Imaging.

High resolution digital medical imaging is one of the fastest growing trends in healthcare. Medical images such as X-Rays, CT scans, and MRIs are rapidly growing in resolution and with that comes vastly increased file sizes. But even the most advanced imaging system will be rendered useless if the wireless coverage is spotty and unreliable, or if is the network backbone is incapable of effectively handling the increased traffic volume.

Medical Imaging generates significant amounts of wired and wireless traffic, and therefore requires a high performing network fabric. NETGEAR ProSAFE wireless access points deliver the high throughput and range you need to maximize the efficacy of your imaging system. In addition, support for multiple SSIDs protects system performance by enabling the imaging system to be segmented from other network traffic.

Even the fastest wireless connection can only be as fast as the network backbone that supports it. NETGEAR ProSAFE 10 Gigabit Switches provide the high performing switch fabric necessary to transfer high resolution medical images without delay.

Easily Update, Share, and Protect Electronic Health Records.

Transitioning to electronic health records with anywhere access can significantly increase efficiencies and reduce costs. But it also requires a reliable network infrastructure and storage solutions, and enterprise-class security. If the wireless system is unavailable or sluggish, patient care suffers; if the storage system is unavailable or unreliable, critical medical records can be inaccessible or lost; and if the security is inadequate, sensitive patient information can be breached.

NETGEAR ProSAFE access points deliver the wireless range, coverage, and performance you require to ensure continuity of patient care, and to enable your staff to gain immediate, secure access to health records from throughout the facility.  In addition, the ProSAFE Wireless Controller dramatically simplifies deployment and management of the entire system with the ability to view current status, remotely update, and enforce security policies for up to 600 access points from a single console.

To protect your critical patient data from loss, ReadyNAS and ReadyDATA families of storage systems provide powerful, robust data storage that’s cost-effective, reliable, and easy to use. With enterprise-class replication, full data redundancy, and support for cloud-based data storage, sharing, and recovery, NETGEAR helps ensure that your critical data remains safe, and is accessible whenever it’s required.

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