Available on many NETGEAR routers, ReadySHARE USB lets you plug in even more capabilities and convenient features through your router’s USB port. These include USB storage you can wirelessly access at home, free software to easily backup your PC or Mac, wirelessly printing from any PC or Mac and the ability to play, view, listen to, and share your videos, photos, and music on DNLA connected TVs, game consoles, or media players.

SHARE - Store, secure, and share your family’s files

STREAM - Easily play media on TVs, consoles, and media players

ACCESS - Enjoy personal and secure cloud access to USB storage anytime, anywhere

PRINT - Learn how you can print wirelessly from many devices

A Happy Home Is Filled With Love And Safely Stored Data.

The amount of data the average family consumes and creates today is staggering. And whether it’s family photos, videos, music collections, or personal files, every family member wants a place to store it safely.   Safeguard all those shared memories by using the USB port on your NETGEAR router.  It gives you high-speed, WiFi access to USB storage and the ability to share it with everybody on your home network. After you’ve set up your NETGEAR router, you simply connect an external USB drive and you’re ready to protect and share your content with others via WiFi. 

  • ReadySHARE® Vault - Provide automatic continuous/scheduled backup for  your Windows PCs on your home network. Download the installer and get started.
  • Time Machine® - Time Machine lets you automatically back up your entire Mac® system.

Stream It, Watch it, Share it.

After you put your photos, movies and music on the USB drive connected to your router, you can stream and share your media at any time.  You can put your daughter’s soccer game on a big screen TV for all to see. Or you can quickly find and view your family photos on a tablet. With ReadySHARE® USB and the free My Media feature on your genie App, the ability to play and share your videos, photos, and music when and where you want has never been easier or smoother. 

  • DLNA - Play videos and music, and view photos stored on an attached USB hard drive to any DNLA connected TV, game console or media player.  
  • iTunes Server and Airplay Compatible - Play music from your USB Hard Drive using iTunes to a PC/MAC or Airplay compatible device like Apple TV. You can also download the Apple Remote app  on iPhone/iPAD to play your music from those devices.

Access Your Files Wherever, Whenever

Now you can access and share your files via secure, personal cloud storage with NETGEAR ReadyCLOUD® USB Access. Once you've connected your USB drive to your NETGEAR router and uploaded all your favorite files, you can enjoy the convenience and accessibility of Google Drive and Dropbox® without the fees, storage limitations, or privacy concerns. Using the ReadyCLOUD mobile app or web portal, you’ll now have anytime, anywhere access to your USB drive at home… it’s that easy!

Setup your and access ReadyCLOUD via the web portal

Download mobile app for Android

Download mobile app for iOS

Print From the Comfort of Your Home Network.

  • ReadySHARE USB Printer it’s the easy, instant way to print wirelessly from any PC  in your home. Download PC installer and get started.
  • iPad and iPhone printing to any printer. You can print concert tickets or a retailer’s 50% off coupon from an iPhone or iPad through the NETGEAR Windows or Mac genie app which turns any USB printer into an AirPrint® compatible printer. Download the genie App and get started.